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Bannerman Consultants
Services - Equipment Manufacturing

We have used our analysis techniques in the design of a diverse range of industrial equipment, and are well versed in both leading and contributing to research and development programs. In addition, we have a range of services to assist with in-service issues. We help clients with projects including:

  • Structural integrity analysis,
  • Vibration modelling,
  • Thermal loading study,
  • Rotating equipment analysis,
  • Specialist equipment design,
  • Machine development,
  • Mechanism analysis,
  • Corrosion and repair simulation,
  • Fatigue assessment,
  • Reliability analysis and improvement,
  • Hazard identification and analysis,
  • Risk evaluation, and
  • Root cause failure investigation.


Case Studies and Applications


Industrial Disc Brake Caliper Design:

Industrial disc brakes can be subjected to severe forces and extreme operating conditions, yet must continue to be reliable. In a competitive market, the design is constrained by manufacturing and economic limits.

We were tasked by a brake manufacturer to optimise the caliper design for strength, while working within the limits of their casting capabilities. This meant limiting the overall metal content to a volume the manufacturer was able to efficiently cast. As a result of our stress analyses we were able to adjust the design to more efficiently use the material available.

Integrating mechanical analysis into the design process resulted in a stronger component that will be more reliable, while still being able to be manufactured in a cost-effective manner.

Track Construction Machine Reliability Improvement:

A major rail infrastructure construction company had invested heavily in new track-laying technology. The new machines were used to lay sleepers (ties) on prepared ballast and to clip rails to the sleepers. The client had suffered a series of reliability problems leading to late delivery on a number of track renewal contracts, so urgent action was required to recover its reputation.

We carried out a reliability analysis and provided recommendations for modifications that would significantly improve reliability. We carried out detailed analysis of the machines' design, construction, operation, maintenance and working environment. Our analysis demonstrated that the design was not suited to the environment in which the machine was being operated. As design changes were not feasible, we provided a series of recommendations for changes to the machines' operation and maintenance.

This allowed the client to optimise the reliability of the machines without having to invest in major modifications.

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