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Bannerman Consultants
Services - Forestry

We have experience with the analysis-led design of machinery used in various aspects of the forest industry. We help clients with projects including:

  • Structural integrity analysis,
  • Vibration modelling,
  • Specialist equipment design,
  • Machine development,
  • Mechanism analysis,
  • Corrosion and repair simulation,
  • Fatigue assessment and life extension,
  • Reliability analysis and improvement,
  • Safety case development,
  • Safety management,
  • Fault studies for safety cases,
  • Hazard identification and analysis, and
  • Risk evaluation.


Case Studies and Applications


Analysis and Testing of Lightweight Grapple:

A manufacturer of helicopter forestry equipment had a concept for an innovative lightweight grapple. The grapple was actuated by helicopter lift and with multiple degrees of freedom, it was an order of magnitude more complicated than the company's established product lines.

We performed a force analysis of the system to provide guidance for the development of the prototype. The calculations were performed by computer and a corresponding motion visualisation of the prototype under various scenarios was developed. In addition, we performed stress analyses on key components to ensure that the machine was designed to a sufficient factor of safety under the maximum payload. We further created a test plan for the prototype, designed the data acquisition system, and ran the prototype testing, all within the customer's budget constraints.

As a classic example of the benefits of engineering analysis early in the design process, this project shows how early investment resulted in money saved in the prototype and testing stage of the product development. Complex systems are virtually impossible to develop without engineering analysis.

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