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Bannerman Consultants
Services - Nuclear and Renewable Energy

Our expertise is in the analysis of generation equipment and in the management of safety cases. We help clients with projects including:

  • Structural integrity analysis,
  • Vibration modelling,
  • Thermal loading study,
  • Machine development,
  • Corrosion and repair simulation,
  • Fatigue assessment,
  • Reliability analysis and improvement,
  • Safety case development,
  • Safety management,
  • Fault studies for safety cases,
  • Risk evaluation, and
  • Root cause failure investigation.


Case Studies and Applications


Wave Powered Generator Reliability Analysis:

A developer of an innovative renewable energy device required some guidance on prototype testing. The near-shore wave energy device used untested technology and presented some maintenance challenges due to its proposed location in heavy seas.

We provided a reliability study for the testing of the prototype using an ARMS approach, which examines the complex relationship between Availability, Reliability, Maintainability and Safety. Using generic component reliability data and experience of marine maintenance and technology development, we provided valuable advice on the expected reliability, on which components would be likely to require attention during the test programme, on a spares strategy and on maintenance procedures.

This information allowed the client to provide their investors with a detailed picture of the investment risk associated with the testing and further development of this device.

Nuclear Power Station Aircraft Impact Assessment:

An aircraft impact on a nuclear power station could lead to a catastrophic radiological release. It is therefore necessary to demonstrate, for each station, that the risk associated with such an event is acceptable.

The client had evaluated the consequences of an accidental impact by various categories of aircraft on various parts of the power station. In order to calculate the risk, they needed to know the likelihood of each of these events. We used international aviation accident data, along with details of local military, commercial and private aviation activity to calculate the frequency of an impact on various parts of the station.

This allowed the client to demonstrate to the regulator, using independently generated data, that the risk associated with this hazard was acceptable.

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