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Bannerman Consultants
Services - Oil and Gas

We offer services to aid the design of new machinery as well as integrity analysis for the management and life extension of aging infrastructure. We help clients with projects including:

  • Structural integrity analysis,
  • Vibration modelling,
  • Thermal loading study,
  • Specialist equipment design,
  • Machine development,
  • Corrosion and repair simulation,
  • Fatigue assessment,
  • Reliability analysis and improvement,
  • Safety case development,
  • Safety management,
  • Fault studies for safety cases,
  • Hazard identification and analysis,
  • Risk evaluation, and
  • Root cause failure investigation.


Case Studies and Applications


Drawworks Brake Analysis:

Drawworks brakes can be subjected to harsh use. In designing a braking system it is necessary to consider extreme conditions to ensure safe operation under all situations.

We considered both regular usage and emergency stopping requirements. The key issue was the capacity of the disc for energy absorption and the heat dissipation available. Our thermal calculations predicted the peak disc surface temperature and the mean disc temperature. This allowed us to design a disc that would operate within the limits of the constituent materials. Forced air cooling was also considered.

As a result of the analysis, a robust braking system was specified.

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