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Bannerman Consultants
Services - Rail and Transportation

We have worked with original equipment manufacturers to help end users manage equipment integrity throughout its life. We help clients with projects including:

  • Rolling stock structural integrity analysis,
  • Vibration modelling,
  • Specialist equipment design,
  • Corrosion and repair simulation,
  • Fatigue assessment,
  • Reliability analysis and improvement,
  • Safety case development,
  • Safety management,
  • Fault studies for safety cases,
  • Hazard identification and analysis, and
  • Risk evaluation.


Case Studies and Applications


Carriage Corrosion Repair Assessment:

Corrosion had been noted near the door frames of carriages on a commuter rail line. The operator wanted to assess the damage and the appropriateness of a novel composite repair strategy.

We based the analysis on a quarter symmetric finite element model of the carriage structural shell. This computationally efficient modelling technique allowed more detail to be created in the areas of interest while maintaining reasonable turnaround times. Three versions of the model were created: with the carriage as originally built, with corrosion damage, and with the proposed composite repair.

The analysis showed that the original scheme for the composite repair would not restore sufficient structural integrity. The customer was able to use our work in targeted improvements of the proposed repair scheme. Clearly the numerical simulation was a cost effective means of developing this new repair technology.

Commuter Train Risk Modelling:

A manufacturer of new rolling stock is required to demonstrate that the introduction of new vehicles does not increase the overall risk associated with the railway.

We provided a fault tree model showing the overall risk associated with the new rolling stock. Risk calculations were based on either generic or historic component reliability data. Top events were represented as passenger and staff equivalent fatalities per annum.

When compared with the known risk associated with the old rolling stock due for replacement, the risk figures allowed our client to demonstrate that the overall risk would be reduced by the introduction of the new rolling stock.

High Speed Train Reliability Modelling:

The designer and manufacturer of a new fleet of 140mph tilting trains had a contractual requirement to achieve a service reliability averaging 50000 miles between service failures, double the reliability of any existing fleet.

As part of the project reliability team, we created a mathematical model to predict fleet reliability. An integral component of this model was the apportionment of reliability targets to the vehicles' subsystems. We then undertook a program of engagement with subsystem suppliers, assisting them with the understanding and achievement of their reliability requirements.

Our work allowed the client to understand the predicted reliability, which meant they could manage their customer's expectations and plan their in-service reliability management programme. 

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